Grow Your Revenue. Provide Better Care. On Autopilot.

CareEco Automatically Consumes Patient Data, Identifies Gaps In Patient Care, And Enables Value-Based Care


Healthcare is Reactive. It doesn’t have to be.

Most patients only reach out to providers when they experience a significant health problem. Most providers are too busy to proactively reach out to patients. So patients don’t receive the best care possible. And providers miss out on potential revenue.

We're Here To Fix That:

Identify Care Opportunities

The CareEco Engine - a proprietary, data-driven AI platform - scans patient medical records using AMA guidelines to identify care opportunities.

Automatic Outreach

CareEco automatically contacts the patient via SMS or email to schedule an appointment directly from their phone.

Book More Appointments

This leads to more booked appointments, improved patient health, better patient experience, and increased practice revenue.

CareEco Helps You Grow Your Practice By Providing Better Patient Care

CareEco is designed to help you provide better care to patients and grow your practice as a result.

It’s the ONLY platform that:

Uses unique patient EHR data to identify missed care opportunities specific to each patient

Reveals the revenue potential of those missed opportunities (with a specific dollar amount)

Reaches out to patients automatically, so you can capitalize on those opportunities quickly and easily

Existing Practice

“CareEco revolutionized our practice and the software began paying for itself in the first month. We use CareEco’s platform to find and close care gaps by engaging patients to schedule their necessary medical appointments.”

New Practice

“Launching a practice takes a lot of work. Thankfully CareEco was able to provide all of the technology solutions I needed to let me focus on finding the right location and building my staff.”

CareEco streamlines your workflow,
so your staff can focus on patients – not paperwork

Improve Practice Efficiency

CareEco’s automated messaging capability, scheduling portal, and payment gateway lets your patients book (and pay for) more appointments at your practice. That way, your staff can focus on patients — not paperwork.

Increase Patient Retention

CareEco proactively engages your patients to keep them in your network. Easy scheduling for patients means less friction in accessing healthcare. 

Outcome: Better patient health.

Identify & Reduce Gaps In Patient Care

CareEco uses existing patient EHR data to sort patients into customizable cohorts, so you can engage them with targeted messaging and provide the care they need.

Integrate (Quickly) With Major EHRs

CareEco takes just a few hours of your time to set up (we do the heavy lifting for you). It’s HIPAA-certified and integrates with all major EHRs. And after setup, CareEco can run completely on autopilot.

Reduce No-Shows

CareEco’s automated appointment reminders, integrated scheduling platform, and built-in waitlist decrease no-shows, make rescheduling easy, and automatically fill cancellations — with little to no input from your team.

Life is much simpler. We’re definitely able to get more appointments than before. I see us using CareEco for many years.

Patsy C.
Good Health Associates

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