CareEco Finds Patient Care Opportunities And Books More Appointments — On Autopilot

CareEco Automatically Identifies Gaps In Patient Care and Books More Patient Appointments…

Without Any Extra Work From You Or Your Team

How Much Revenue Is Hiding In Your Practice?

Most Patients Don’t Know When They Need Care
Your practice has thousands of patients on file. But most don’t know when they need care. So most miss scheduling their needed care appointments.”

We Remind Them, So They Can Get Better Treatment CareEco uses individual patient data to find gaps in patient care. Then it automatically prompts them to book the right appointments to fill those gaps. So patients get better care, and practices get more revenue.
Other Platforms Use Generic Timers. We Use Specific Patient EHR Data.

Other platforms use timers to re-engage patients. So after a set period of time, patients receive messages prompting them to book certain appointments.

But CareEco is not based on a generic countdown timer. We think patients deserve more personal recommendations than numbers on a ticking clock can provide.

That's why CareEco is the ONLY platform that:

Leverages patient EHR data to identify missed care opportunities

Reveals the revenue potential of those missed opportunities (with a specific dollar amount)

Reaches out to patients automatically, so you can capitalize on those opportunities quickly and easily

6 Ways CareEco Helps Grow Your Practice

Automated SMS Appointment Prompts

Choose your doctor from thousands of specialist, general, and trusted hospitals.

Customizable Cohorts

Sort patients into customizable cohorts based on their care needs, so you can engage them with targeted messaging.


Operate with peace-of-mind, knowing your patient data is stored safely on a HIPAA-certified platform.

Integrates With Major EHRs

Seamlessly integrate CareEco with your current EHR and start finding hidden revenue in your practice with just a few hours of setup time.

Manual Broadcast Messaging

Send important messages to cohorts or your entire patient population with CareEco's manual broadcast messaging platform.

Post-Visit Payment & Reviews

Get reviews and accept payment 24x7 with CareEco's SMS-based payment gateway and automated payment and review reminders.

4 Ways CareEco Improves Patient Care

Let patients conveniently schedule appointments directly from their phones with CareEco's integrated scheduling portal.

Get required information and patient forms before appointments to enable no-contact check-in.

Consistently track important metrics to get a complete picture of patient health with CareEco's remote patient monitoring capabilities.

Automatically notify scheduled patients of delays based on queue movement, office closures, and inclement weather using CareEco's smart queues algorithm.

Discover The Potential Revenue Hiding In Your Practice

Many practices are sitting on more potential revenue than they realize. Click below to schedule a no-pressure demo, and we can show you exactly how much potential revenue is hiding in your practice.

CareEco helps your practice provide better care and increase revenue in 7 simple steps

Grow your practice on autopilot

1 Discover

1. Discover

CareEco uses a one-time flat file to discover the potential revenue hiding in your practice.

2. Onboarding

2. Onboarding

CareEco establishes a HIPAA-compliance API connection to your EHR. Our team works with you to set up custom patient engagement rules for outreach and cohort management based on the needs of your practice.

3. Identify

3. Identify

CareEco’s powerful AI platform continuously monitors the patient population to identify missed or upcoming care opportunities, based on the unique needs of each patient.

4. Engage

4. Engage

CareEco automatically engages patients via SMS or email with your custom branding to notify them of an upcoming care need and provides the ability to schedule an appointment – all from their smartphone

5. Pre-Visit

5. Pre-Visit

CareEco will remind the patient to confirm their appointment and share any necessary information or paperwork with the patient before their visit.

6. Post-Visit

6. Post-Visit

After the appointment, CareEco automatically sends the patients any follow up paperwork or referral appointment requests.

7. Payment

7. Payment

CareEco allows for the patient to pay for their appointment easily through their smartphone using Apple Pay, Square, Venmo, etc.