An Electronic Health Record That Works For YOU, Not The Other Way Around

CareFlow EHR is an all-in-one Electronic Health Record & Practice Workflow solution that puts time back in your day. CareEco practices report a significant reduction in time spent on registration, payment, & documentation.
Priced on a per-provider model, stop paying for half-licenses that only makes caring more difficult.

Tired of EHR add-ons driving up the cost of running your practice? 
CareFlow comes with everything you need to run your practice with no annual fees, no infrastructure fees, and certainly no hidden fees. 

CareFlow includes all of these features for one affordable price:

  • Treatment Flow
  • Telehealth
  • e-Prescribe & Lab Orders
  • Referrals
  • Eligibility Checks
  • Scheduling

It also includes for no extra charge:

  • Care Pathways
  • Care Gap Identification
  • Patient Portal
  • Patient Deductible Remaining
  • Practice Workflow Metrics
  • Practice Delay Notifications

EHR Made Easy

Check-in. Co-pays. Eligibility checks. Practice Running Late Notifications. New Appointments. Patient Search. 

All in one easy to use dashboard.

Treatment Flow

Less screen time, more patient face time. 

Our linear, customizable treatment flow not only helps you to easily capture visit details, but also dynamically shifts to make it easy to capture patient documentation information as you progress through the visit.  

Flow Board

Run and improve your practice with less stress. 

Monitor workflow efficiency, patient volume, revenue cycle, lab orders, and Rx orders – with a customized Flow Board for your practice.

The Complete Workflow Tool

Lab orders. Rx orders. Referrals. Telehealth. Patient Portal. Additional User Licenses. All included.

Most EHRs charge additional fees for these crucial practice functions. Our practice workflow tool gives you everything you need to run your practice for one low price. Make sure you don’t overpay. 

How Much Money Did Your EHR Save You Last Year?

Find out how much CareEco could save your practice with our free consultation.