You did the work, so why pay extra to get reimbursed?

CarePay works smarter so that you don't have to work harder.

“We saved thousands with CarePay Claims. I had no idea the amount of money we were losing just to collect practice revenue.”
– Practice Manager in Tennessee

Healthcare claims can be difficult. Thanks to technology and our expert knowledge from working with healthcare payors, CarePay makes it easy for you.

CarePay Benefits for Patients

Provide patients the ability to submit co-pays and self-payment through Square, Apple Pay, Venmo, and more.

Patients can receive notification of their need for payment via SMS or email and easily set up payment plans.

Practices pay lower credit card fees and receive their payment much quicker than traditional payment gateways.

CarePay can intelligently submit your claims more efficiently to over 2600 payors.

CarePay automatically adjusts based on claim requirements to help you increase your reimbursement success rate.

Our flat fee per claim models means you keep more of your revenue.

CarePay works with all major EHRs, as well as our CareFlow EHR.